Examples of assignments

Market entry through resellers
A three year assigment where our role was to help a midsized Swedish company to increase sales in several markets within and outside Europe. The market strategy was to use different resellers for several different market channels in each country and our role was to find, evaluate, choose, and train resellers including the handling of all commercial discussions. During the three years our activities increased the company's annual turnover in these markets from app 4 m€ to 8,5 m€ with a drastically improved profitability. 

Turnaround of a business unit in a Nordic public listed company
A three year assignment where our role was to turnaround a business unit with sales activities directed towards the global car industry. The business unit had initially a turnover of app 10m€ and was loosing money. We analysed first the reasons for the bad results and initited then actions like improved management of customer projects, renegotiations of customer agreements and expansion of the sales organisation with a KAM structure. After three years the business unit had increased the turnover to app € 25m and it had, for the line of business, an extremely good profitability. 


Market entry in the Nordics for a German software company.
An assignment where we as consultants first helped our client to register a Nordic daughter company, and then later took responsibility for driving activities to take new business. Our client has now ongoing business with large wellknown accounts like Autoliv, BUFAB, NIBE, Volvo Cars, and Scania and many smaller Nordic customers. 

Nordic reseller/agent for a Dutch software company 
As an invester in a Nordic agency we have facilitated the Nordic expansion of a Dutch software company within people analytics. The agency now has regular project and/or subscription based business with large companies and organisations in the Nordics. Examples of customers are  ABB, Ericsson, Lidl, Migrationsverket, Netent, Orkla, Santa Maria, Sida, Stockholms Stad, Trelleborg and Volvo.